Business Etiquette – scope of activities.

Business Etiquette

Learn the business enviroment rules and find out how to build a professional image of yourself and your company. Discover what standards should be applied in contacts with people of higher rank, clients, or politicians.

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Etiquette for Administration

This is a realm of knowledge for public administration institutions employees, which simplify building professional relationships within the administrative sector and with other entities.

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Etiquette for students

Offer dedicated to students who want to stand out from the labor market and build their professional image in a business relationship.


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Dinning Etiquette

Learn about buffet meetings etiquette, official sit-ins and restaurant standards. This is an essential and useful knowledge, both in business and social relationships.

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Cultural differences

A realm of knowledge that helps you understand the culture’s impact on building relationships in business. Being aware of these rules that let you consciously build relationships with foreign business partners.

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Business relations

Workshop that’s aim is to increase the awareness of role of relations in our business activities. Workshop based mainly on coaching tools.  .

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