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Etiquette for Administration

Business etiquette
Etiquette for administration
Professional Executive Assistant
Etiquette for students
Table etiquette
Cultural differences
Business relations
Etiquette is associated with the rules of the business world and international relations, but knowledge how to build the relations in professional way has a significant meaning not only in business enviroment. It’s good to know that in administrative enviroment there are also applied guidelines that facilitate building professional relationship and define behavior in particulat professional situations. Training gives the knowledge how to build a positive image of your office / school, how to cooperate with the targt gtoups and how to behave in official situations.
Thematic scope:
  • Major differences between social and business etiquette
  • Polish National Culture vs. Business Etiquette
  • Fundamental Rules of Business Etiquette
  • Order of Precedence in Professional Relations
  • Parent – Teacher Relation (for schools)
  • Public Administration Etiquette
  • Greeting and Introducing Rules
  • Introducing Other People – Standards
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Special Events Management
  • Self Introduction
  • Netiquette – Internet Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Special events
  • Professional Dress Code
In the realm of Etiquette for Administration I offer:
  • Training for Educational Establishment
  • Training for Teachers Board
  • Training for Methodology Advisor
  • Council Courses
  • Individual Consulting
  • Development and Implementation of Standards
  • Cooperation in Special Events