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Business Etiquette

Business etiquette
Etiquette for administration
Professional Executive Assistant
Etiquette for students
Table etiquette
Cultural differences
Business relations
Business etiquette is an art of existence in a business enviroment. Knowledge how to build the relations in professional way has a significant meaning. It allows you to build a positive image of your business and strengthen its position on the market. Nowadays, the knowledge and awareness of business etiquette and protocol norms are very welcomed and in some circumstances even strictly required. Awareness of etiquette rules ensures sense of security and self confidence, help building the relations in every enviroment and circumstances.
Thematic scope:
  • Major differences between social and business etiquette
  • Polish National Culture vs. Business Etiquette
  • Fundamental Rules of Business Etiquette
  • Order of Precedence in Professional Relations
  • Greeting and Introducing Rules
  • Introducing Other People – Standards
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Entertaining (setting down, greeting, introducing etc.)
  • Special Events Management
  • Self Introduction in Business Meetings
  • Netiquette – Internet Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Means of Transport and Casual Etiquette
  • Banquet’s Etiquette (buffets, restaurants)
  • Business Dress Code
  • Cultural Differences in Business*
In the realm of Business Etiquette I offer:
  • Training for companies
  • Individual consultations
  • Individual consultations for foreigners (EN)
  • Development and implementation of standards
  • Arrangements of special events

* available only for particular countries