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Cultural differences

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Cultural differences
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Nowadays, there is nothing unusual about working with international companies with foreign expats. Being aware of the impact of cultural differences amongst associates, cooperators and clients is a fundamental key in business. Ignoring these differences can be very risky. It is important to recognize these differences but also be aware of the principles that support healthy and friendly business relationships on the international stage. The overall knowledge of cultural differences lets us better understand and properly interpret the behavior of our business partners and increase our chances of success in interntaional enviroment.
Thematic scopes:
  • Concept of the culture
  • The importance of the cultural differences in business relations
  • Main models of the analysis cultural variety in business
  • Disregarding cultural differences and its consequences
  • Stereotypes
  • Cultures division:
  • Propartner culture
  • Protransaction culture
  • Major cultural factors by G. Hofstede
  • Nonverbal communication vs. cultural differences
  • Characteristics of selected cultures
In the realm of Business Etiquette I offer:
  • Training for companies
  • Individual consultations
  • Development and implementation of standards
  • Developing teaching resources that simplify cooperation