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Etiquette for students

Business etiquette
Etiquette for administration
Professional Executive Assistant
Etiquette for students
Table etiquette
Cultural differences
Business relations
Graduation and entering the work enviroment is a vital time in a young people’s career path. Securing a good job with amazing prospects will be easier with business etiquette knowledge. Understanding etiquette rules allows young people to enter the working enviroment without any complexes and with full awareness of business standards. This is a priceless advantage that should be acquired by every young professional early on.
Thematic scopes:
  • Social Etiquette vs. Business Etiquette Environment
  • University Etiquette
  • Order of Precedence in Business
  • How to use the professional titles
  • Major Differences Between Social and Business Etiquette
  • Polish National Culture vs. Business Etiquette
  • Fundamental Rules of Business Etiquette
  • Order of Precedence in Professional Relations
  • Client-Employee Relation
  • Parent-Teacher Relation
  • Public Administration Etiquette
  • Greetings and Introducing Standards
  • Introducing Other People – Standards
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • Entertaining (setting down, greeting, introducing etc.)
  • Special Events Management
  • Self Introduction in Business Meetings
  • Netiquette – Internet Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Etiquette every day
  • Banquet Etiquette (buffets, restaurants)
  • Business Dress Code
In the realm of Student Etiquette I offer:
  • Guest Lecture
  • Regular Lecture
  • Conducting Subjects
  • Conducting Exercises