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Event marketing

Budowanie strategii PR
Event marketing
Komunikacja kryzysowa
Media Relations
Profesjonalny Asystent Zarządu
Events are an incredibly effective way to build a company’s reputation as well an efficient way of promotion. Events help achieve company’s communication goals in internal and external environment (customers, decision makers, contractor’s, opinion leaders). Well organized events can have immense amount return and advantages while badly organized ones can simply dwindle down to the waste of money and worse of all, can even lead to a damaged reputation. It’s important to be well prepared during planning an event. A properly executed event requires the utmost understanding of the mechanisms of event management, goals and threats and to be fully-aware of all of the organisation that is needed.
Thematic scopes:
  • Event – a sufficient device for promotion and creating corporate image
  • Events in company’s strategy
  • Event as a sufficient device for creating corporate Image – how to use it properly?
  • Types of events and their characteristic
  • Events – planning and organisation rules
  • Conception and schedule of events
  • Setting out the type and target group of the event
  • Date and a place
  • Partners, co-organizers, honorary patrons – selection and cooperation
  • Preparing an event budget
  • Media patronage
  • Promotion
  • Formal and legalistic consideration – organizing events
In the realm of Event Marketing I offer:
  • Training for companies
  • Individual consultations
  • Special events support