Media Relations

The media play crucial role in the creating company’s image. The ability to properly cooperate and communicate with media is an invaluable advantage for a growing or established company. The course gives the knowledge how to build a company’s image through the media, how to cooperate with media and how to communicate with journalist not only in casual situations but also during a crisis.
Thematic scopes:
  • Media Relations – Specificity
  • Communication Standards
  • Journalist Work Characteristic
  • Company Representative and Journalist – Relation (mutual expectations, cooperation)
  • Types of Media
  • Interview – how to prepare to
  • Formal Meetings
  • Informal Meetings
  • Press Releases
  • Press Conference
  • Press Breakfast
  • Briefing
  • Case study
  • TV Announcement – most often mistakes
  • Crisis Communication
  • How to Make a TV Speech?
  • Body Language
  • Dress Code
  • How to coope with te stres
In the realm of Media Relations I offer:
  • Training for companies
  • Individual consultations
  • Development and implementation of standards
  • Conferences and interviews preparation
  • Conferences – organizing and conducting
  • Workshops with a camera