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Crisis Communication Management

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Crisis communication
Media Relations
Professional Executive Assistant
The main purpose of this training is to provide the company employees with proper communication skills in the case of a potential crisis. During the course participants will discuss the significance of crisis communication and the form of its conduct. They will practice writting the statements nad cooperation with the camera. Attendants will gain a knowledge, how to recognize the crisis, how to avoid the crisis nad how to communicate during the crisis. They will get a practice knowledge how to talk to media and other target groups.
Thematic scopes:
  • Definition of crisis
  • Crisis characteristic
  • Crisis foreseeing
  • Crisis consequences
  • The importance of crisis communication
  • Study case
  • Potencial crisis
  • Preventive measures – how to be prepared?
  • The importance of first hours of crisis
  • Where th crisis come from?
  • Major communication groups
  • Crisis management group
  • Main announcements – reporting
  • Internal crisis communication in company
  • Communication with target groups
  • Media Relations
  • Relations with journalists during the crisis
  • Most frequent mistakes
  • Difficult questions – how to cope with
  • Proper outfit
In the realm of Crisis Communication Management I offer:
  • Training for companies
  • Individual consultations
  • Development and implementation of standards