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Creating a Public Relation strategy

Creating a PR strategy
Event marketing
Crisis communication
Media Relations
Professional Executive Assistant
The purpose of this training is to understand the significance of activities related to the promotion of the company’s reputation and acquiring knowledge in the field of skilful management of these activities. During the training participants will learn about various methods and tools for building the company’s image, their characteristics and application. Practical part includes writing a PR strategy based on communication and business needs of the company.
Thematic scopes:
  • PR – in general
  • Internal PR
  • External PR
  • PR’s strategy – main objectives
  • Employes and their’s role in creating company’s image
  • Creating PR strategy
  • Target group
  • Efficiency of PR strategy – analysis
In the realm of Creating a Public Relation strategy I offer:
  • Training for companies
  • Individual consultation
  • Creating PR strategy with board management